SODP Dispatch - 7 December 2023

Top AI transcription tools, the impact of high ad density on SEO, LinkedIn newsletter strategies for publishers + more

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In today’s issue:

  • From SODP: Best AI transcription tools

  • Resources: JournalismGPT + website changes tracker

  • Tip of the week: The impact of high ad density on SEO

  • News: Meta’s Threads to launch in Europe, readers want AI content labeled, Google is testing its Gemini AI model in Search, how publishers use LinkedIn newsletters + more



By Kamalpreet Singh

AI transcription tools

AI transcription tools offer many industries, including digital publishing, the means to quickly and accurately convert audio and video files into text.

While the industry was built on the back of human transcribers, the process was slow, costly and prone to human errors. The advent of AI, however, means it’s now possible to transcribe large volumes of audiovisual content within a matter of minutes with surprising accuracy, and at a fraction of the cost.

💡 What you will learn:

  • AI transcription use cases

  • How to choose the best AI transcription tools

  • Best AI transcription tools, and their pros and cons


By Vahe Arabian

📣 The impact of high ad density on SEO

Ad intrusion significantly impacts SEO because it affects user experience, content helpfulness and what users expect to see when visiting a post or page. Other SEOs conducting qualitative analysis saw many ad-heavy sites being impacted during the Helpful Content Update.

According to The Better Coalition Ads study, a page with high ad density takes up more than 30% of above the fold of the scrollable section of the page.

For this ad experience definition:

  • Ad density is measured against the main content portion of the page, not the viewport.

  • The main content portion of the page excludes headers, footers, site navigation, and related articles.

  • Ads below the main content portion of the page are not included in the density calculation.

  • All ad formats count toward ad density, including “sticky” ads and inline ads. The height of each “sticky” ad is counted once for the purposes of this calculation)

  • Video ads that appear before (“pre-roll”) or during (“mid-roll”) video content that is relevant to the content of the page itself are not included in the measurement.

Want to conduct a quick on-the-spot check to ensure your page and ad layout are compliant? Simply us the Ad Density Chrome extension from DevriX.


🤖 AI tool

Check out JournalismGPT – it’s free with ChatGPT Premium. The capabilities of JournalismGPT are quite broad. It’s not just limited to creating catchy social media content; it’s also adept at SEO, aiding in conducting thorough interviews, and brainstorming follow-up stories.

🔔 Alerts for webpage updates

Track changes and get alerts from websites you care about using Klaxon Cloud.


Here’s how 13 news outlets are using LinkedIn newsletters | NiemanLab

LinkedIn has been experimenting with newsletters as a way for individuals and companies to connect with readers. There are more than 143,000 newsletters on the platform, with over 500 million subscribers.
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Google is testing its Gemini AI model in Search | Search Engine Land

Gemini will become available in Search, Ads and other Google products in the coming months. Meanwhile, Google Search is already testing Gemini, which has reduced the latency of Search Generative Experience responses by 40% for English in the U.S. and led to other unspecified quality improvements.
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Is AI going to E-E-A-T your experience for breakfast? The LinkedIn Example | Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn’s “collaborative articles” seem to be a perfect hit: content that combines authority, AI-generated content and user generated content. What could go wrong?
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Meta’s Threads to launch in Europe in December in its biggest expansion since its debut | The Wall Street Journal

“The launch represents Threads’ largest market expansion since its debut in July and signals the social-media company’s commitment to the microblogging service, which rivals that of Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter.”
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Most readers want publishers to label AI-generated articles — but trust outlets less when they do NiemanLab

More than three-quarters of U.S. adults think news articles written by AI would be “a bad thing.” But, from Sports Illustrated to Gannett, it’s clear that particular ship has sailed. Asking Google for information and getting AI-generated content back isn’t the future, it’s our present-day reality.
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